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Auto Album

With this feature you can create an entire wedding album in just under 4 minutes.

Blog Storyboard

Do you use a storyboard for your blog posts? If so, this feature will allow you to create a storyboard of your selected images.

Library Search

Do you have dozens or even hundreds of templates? Our Library feature allows you to select photos from Bridge and, with one button, instantly find templates that fit exactly what you selected.

Download Our Demo!

There is nothing available that will allow you to design albums faster than our Indesign plugin!

It’s really simple. We built our plugin with the wedding photographer in mind. Our plugin was designed to allow photographers to design like they would normally just in a fraction of the time. We have tested all plugins on the market. From the album designing software for Photoshop to those for Indesign. Frankly, there is nothing that compares to all of the features we offer in our one plugin. Here are the key features our plugin for Indesign offers:

  • Auto Album. Design an entire album in under 4 minutes.
  • Blog Storyboard. Creates a storyboard of images for your blog automatically.
  • Instant Library Search. Forget having to search through all your templates for that one perfect layout. This features allows you to find that perfect template instantly.
  • Photoshop Actions Integration. Apply Photoshop actions to your images right inside Indesign.
  • Auto Layout Design. Tell Magic Album Designs how many horizontals, verticals, or squares you want in a layout and it’ll design your spread for you.
  • Manual Layout Design. You manually enter how many horizontals, verticals, or squares you want in a particular column or row and it’ll do the work.
  • Manual Adjustments. Want to tweak your design a bit? No problem. Swap images, flip layouts, split frames. Anything you want it can do.
  • Design Spreads or Sides. Want to design your album in spreads or in sides? No problem there either. Set your specifications and you’re good to go.
  • Free Updates. If you own our plugin you will always have the latest version. We never charge a fee to upgrade.
Your plugin is a Godsend. I cannot believe how much time I saved designing my albums. I can’t thank you enough. – Steve from Treasured Photography
Indesign is my favorite tool to design with but your software makes it a perfect combination. I’m now a true fan. – Elaina from Your Moments
Wow is all I can say. I used to use Photoshop and Fundy Album Builder which was great but when I made the switch to Indesign I looked high and low for something that could compete. Well not only does Magic Album compete with it but it actually surpasses it. You’ve saved me tons of time. – Brian from Picture Perfect
Remarkable. Truly remarkable. I’ve been waiting a long time to find a solution to the process of designing my albums. Your plugin is incredible. Just the library part of it is worth every penny. – Tony from Shotz Photography